Low-Cost Price Verification

& Product Reporting Service

CRM is proud to offer the most robust price verification/purchasing analytics system for the lowest cost! Many companies offer auditing and usage reporting, but none of them offer the simplicity, detail, and low-cost solutions CRM does.

CRM has a 40-year history of creating cost reduction for some of the industry’s most successful chains.

We are now able to offer our comprehensive auditing and reporting system to clients for as little as $1,000 per month along with a performance guarantee!   

Monthly Price Verification

CRM uses a two-tier process to ensure your distributors sell you the products you authorize at the correct prices on every invoice.

Order Guides are verified at the beginning of each month and invoices are audited at the close of the month. 

All contracted items are reviewed to confirm each DC’s cost as well as the price you will be charged. Non-contracted item price changes from the previous Order Guide are reported as are any products that dropped off or were added to the new Order Guide.

Our invoice audits run a deep dive on every order and every line-item transaction.  CRM confirms that all products were priced the same as on the Order Guide.  We even audit the prices of products your distributor is allowed to change during the month.

CRM’s system also allows you to easily review substituted items for price fairness and quickly identify any unauthorized items that were ordered by your restaurants.

Timelines matter too!  Other services can take up to several months to report audit results.  That delays your ability to get any credits you are entitled to. 

We require no proprietary programming to receive distributor data.  The 3 monthly files we need are generated in industry-standard file format.   We receive data files from all National, most multi-regional, and many local independent distributors making setup and integration simple.

CRM’s team provides Order Guide Verification Reports within 3 days and Invoice Audit results to your team within 7 days of receipt of your distributor data files.

All Price Verification Reports are prepared by CRM Personnel and delivered to you electronically in Excel.

Purchasing Analytics

CRM captures data from the invoice file and offers up to 15 Analytical Purchasing Reports.

Our database can take invoice data from multiple distributors and integrate the data into consolidated Excel reports.   Our filtering capabilities allow your team to analyze the report data globally or to drill down to specific restaurants and products.

We can report on one month or multiple months based on the specific issue you want to focus on. 

Virtually any price or product information you need or want can be easily produced.

A short Teams or Zoom presentation will allow us to showcase the wide variety of reports we can provide each month.

Maximum Rebate Revenue

This important yet often overlooked area of opportunity can dramatically impact a company’s revenue stream.

Tracking rebated items monthly to capture case usage as well as the revenue those purchases generate helps your finance team reconcile payments generally received several months after these items are purchased.

CRM helps you painlessly maximize your rebate revenue.

Experience the difference with CRM’s cutting-edge solutions. With over 40 years of industry expertise, we deliver unparalleled price verification and purchasing analytics at an unbeatable price point. Don’t settle for mediocrity when you can embrace excellence with CRM!

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