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Since 1984 we have delivered an average of 3% cost reduction to multi-unit operators.

Superior Supply Chain Management For Emerging Brands & Established Chains

Create The Best Distribution Network

A well-negotiated, professionally managed distribution program can easily save you 3%

Use the best Distributor in every market – Find companies that best fit your culture and service needs.

Maximize your Buying power by using the fewest DCs to cover your market geographies.

Our Proprietary System can take data from multiple sources and consolidate it into single reports.

CRM will save you money. We guarantee it!

Make Sure Your Prices Are Correct

We make sure your Order Guide is priced correctly and only approved products are listed. We also track generic items with a 15% or more change in price.

Our proprietary database and personnel audit every invoice for every restaurant monthly. We identify errors and get credits issued within 30 days.

We also confirm weekly priced items were charged correctly, and sub items were priced appropriately.

We Guarantee It!

Know What Products Your Restaurants Are Buying & How Much They Were Charged!

CRM offers up to 15 customized reports to meet the specific needs of each client

Our Proprietary System takes invoice data from multiple sources and consolidates the data into single Excel reports.

These tools quickly allow your executive teams to focus on specific restaurants and specific products or to analyze your complete distribution network.

Direct Contracting & Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) Offer the Best Results

CRM Makes sure vendor contracts are properly written and renewed long before they expire.

We also offer clients access to our proprietary Chain Links Buying Group which offers discounted pricing on generic paper/packaging goods.

In addition to your direct contracted items, GPOs ensure you’re protected on generic products as well.

Control Freight & Lower Product Costs

Relationships with multiple freight carriers allow us to find the lowest-cost lanes for all customers.

Manufacturers and distributors rarely offer low-cost inbound freight solutions.

Managing product cost from point of manufacture, through distribution & into your restaurants is the key to cost reduction.

Let CRM help you every step of the way.

Ensure You Receive Maximum Rebates

Take full advantage of Rebate Revenue offered by Manufacturers and GPOs.

CRM tracks rebate revenue directly from your distributors’ invoice data.

We report case usage and dollars generated which is an important part of confirming your rebate payments are accurate when you receive them months later

There are a lot of rebate revenue streams available. CRM identifies those opportunities and verifies the amounts your purchases generate.

How We Are Different:

CRM uses software and personnel to provide a more customized solution to our clients. We can tailor our operating system to meet specific needs of each customer, and have dedicated personnel who work with our clients one-on-one to understand their unique needs. Additionally, our proprietary database and control over storage and management of client data gives our customers a great sense that their information is protected.

Every customer has their own specific wants and needs. CRM can customize our software to meet the specific criteria laid out by each client. In contrast, most Software as a Service (SaaS) companies typically offer a more standardized solution that will not be as flexible. CRM makes sure you’re getting exactly what you want, how you want it. 

CRM’s experienced staff provides a personalized level of service to our clients. We have dedicated personnel who work with clients one-on-one to understand their unique challenges and provide support throughout the implementation and
usage of our system.

Another advantage to using CRM’s system and personnel is that we can provide on-site training to our clients, which can be particularly beneficial for companies with complex or specialized needs. In contrast, a SaaS company typically provides training through online resources and tutorials, which may not be as effective for some clients.

CRM takes data privacy very seriously. Our On-Site IT team provides cyber security and data backup redundancies to keep our data secure and up to date. Through Access Control, Encryption, Firewalls and network security, regular updates/patching, employee training, and incident response plans; CRM takes all necessary measures to ensure your data is safe and secure.

We Are NOT Only A Software Solution

Software is used to gather data.

BUT…what happens once that data is gathered?

Our proprietary software identifies the pricing errors that occur in every distribution program. Our staff makes sure the discrepancies are finalized so you get the credits you are due!

We Guarantee It!

A company with a proven track record

“For over 35 years, we have created Cost Reduction with customer-focused Distribution Agreements, Reduced Freight Costs, Iron Clad Supplier Price Agreements, GPO Savings and Increased Rebate Revenue”

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We provide a quoted cost for every project along with the target goals. If these goals are not met to your satisfaction, CRM will refund you a portion of the project fee you feel we failed to earn.