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The Restaurant Business Is In Our Blood

Since 1984 Steve Salzberg and CRM have been creating supply chain solutions and correcting deficiencies in distribution for chain restaurants. With a proprietary database and personnel with expertise in distribution, logistics, and restaurant operations CRM can help any emerging or established chain reach its goals.

Our Track Record is unblemished.  CRM has never lost a client for failing to deliver the promised results. Our client relationships last an average of 8 years. We forge deep connections with our customers and become an extension of their staff!

CRM provides a wide variety of services that deliver long term results.

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Steve Salzberg


Founded CRM in 1984 after working For a Metro NY Distributor For 10 Years and working in Restaurants. Continues to lead CRM’s Strategic Sales, Marketing & Technology Developments. Strong negotiating skills result in long term supply chain solutions.

Doris Salzberg

VP Admin Services

CRM Executive Team Member For Over 20 years. Database Administrator, Commodity Market Reporter, Handles All A/R & A/P. CRM’s Goodwill Ambassador to Every CRM Client.

Michael Salzberg

Vice President of Operations

In 2021 Mike brought his experience in Restaurant Operations, Purchasing, and Distributor sales to the CRM team.  He oversees the day-to-day execution of CRM’s Systems and Services and is spearheading the improvement of our digital presence and marketing strategy.

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