"I am anxious to introduce you to our proven system of cost reduction, price verification and product tracking. 
The amount of money left on the table  when restaurants do not have distributor oversight in place is significant.
Steve Salzberg - President


"I've worked with the CRM System for the last 20 years.  The reporting flexibility our datsabase offers is second to none.  Our clients consider us a part of their team and we work hard to provide the superior results they have come to expect.   
Doris Salzberg - VP Administration

Cost Reduction Begins With Knowledge

Knowing The Products Each Distributor Sells Your Restaurants &
The Prices They 
Charge is Key To Cost Reduction.

Auditing Every Invoice To Verify Weekly Priced Items
Identifying Subbed Items & Products Sold At Higher Prices.

Protect Your Margins & Increase Your Profits!